Enpov is a social enterprise. We aim to give every single Ethiopian farmer the choice of getting their goods into markets in the most convenient way possible. We are implementing an offline application that connects farmers with on-demand transportation.


The government, NGO and farmers cooperatives focus on addressing productivity-related issues. However, rural mobility is an underattended issue that affects the everyday life of more than one billion smallholder farmers in the developing world. They now rely on expensive and inefficient donkeys while tractors and other rural utility vehicles are completely out of reach. Men walk up to 4 hours to marketplaces and women must deal with crops rotting from the long hours walking under the sun. Children in these rural areas also face difficulties attending school because of the distance and lack of adequate transportation. Rural transportation is the key enabler of grow as it helps farmers to re-connect to markets, schools and development opportunities.


farmers around the world without reliable transportation. (Rural access index, 2010)


Africa's GDP in small-scale farming.


Get a ride for less than $1.


We are designing our product with real farmers from Ethiopia to create the most user-friendly product.


Hanny Semere (20)

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As an Ethiopian national and social entrepreneur, Hanny’s mission has always been to create social impact and reduce inequality through disruptive business and raising awareness through spoken word, debate and public presentations to a global audience. She’s debated at Yale, Oxford and Cambridge, been featured on radio and in the Huffingtom Post, and is the founder of the Femtrepreneurs Society

Patricio Gerpe (25)

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Patricio is a serial entrepreneur with more than 7 years in the start-up scene, he started coding at the age of 8 and now is TEDx speaker, content generator, coder and mentor, already featured on TV, podcasts and radio.  He is Co-founder of the Argentine AI non-profit organisation. Ex AIESECer and Young for United World. Family business dedicated to agriculture. 

Ikram Zakir(21)

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Ikram is a dean's list business multilingual student majoring in finance and management with interest in agro-business. Originally from Ethiopia, she is able to speak both Amharic and Oromifa languages fluently. She is fully committed to giving back to her country by bringing prosperity to her homeland.

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